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Korean subfertility hospital conducts mobile pre-inquiry to stem COVID-19
  • By Shim Hyun-tai
  • Published 2020.04.01 18:49
  • Updated 2020.04.01 18:49
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Cha University Bundang Women's Medical Center has introduced a mobile pre-examination program in Korea to prevent the new coronavirus infection.

The center sends a text message of pre-exam questions to outpatients with reservations before the appointment day. The would-be visitors receive a quick response (QR) code to enter the medical center after they answer the provided questions.

The questions include visitors' history of foreign visits, places, and facilities where confirmed cases occurred as well as they have symptoms.

A medical center employee scans the QR code at the entrance to check the patients' condition. If the patients show suspected symptoms, the employee will further check and guide the patient to a relief clinic, or restrict the visit. If the visitors have difficulties in answering mobile pre-examination or not informed of it, they can fill in the pre-examination forms at the entrance of the fertility center.

Visitors to the fertility Center of Cha University Bundang Women's Medical Center are scanning for quick response code at the entrance to access the hospital.

"We expect to reduce the risk of infection by minimizing contacts between patients and employees as well as decreasing the degree of congestion at the entrance through this mobile examination," said Lee Sang-hyuk, director of Cha University Bundang Women's Medical Center. "The fertility center will continue to use a system to provide a safer medical environment for our patients."

Cha University Bundang Women's Medical Center is one of the so-called public security hospitals, which has clinics with separate routes for respiratory patients and strictly restricts visitors.


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