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Recovered Covid-19 patients suffer from aftereffects – for long
  • By Shim Hyun-tai
  • Published 2020.09.02 20:12
  • Updated 2020.09.02 20:12
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Many Covid-19 patients have been completely cured by enduring physical and mental pain but suffer from various aftereffects even after they returned to normalcy.

Some recovered patients say such aftereffects last several months or longer, causing a lot of anguish as painful as that they experienced during treatments.

Many Covid-19 patients continue to suffer from aftereffects even after full recovery.

A woman in her 20s, for instance, revealed that she was a cured patient and posted her story of receiving treatment online on Aug. 30. In her writing that drew lots of attention, she explained about the aftereffects of Covid-19, such as shortness of breath and headache.

The writer wrote anonymously that she was infected by a co-worker who caught the virus in a club in Itaewon, Seoul. She showed a negative response to the test after 37 days without taking much medication and was discharged from the medical facility.

However, real problems were aftereffects that made it difficult for her to carry out daily activities.

"When I worked a little too hard, I could not breathe well and felt suffocated," the woman said. "I also got a headache, which felt like throbbing from nose to the head, my limbs were sore, and I felt weak all over."

Finally, she had to quit her job as she was in no condition to continue working.

Park Hyun, a professor of Pusan National University School of Mechanical Engineering who was one of the most well-known Covid-19 patients, also spoke about his aftereffects last for five months.

He collapsed at a screening clinic due to breathing difficulties in late February and was discharged after testing negative on March 5, nine days after his hospitalization.

However, Park has also been suffering from lasting brain fog, which causes difficulty in remembering and concentrating.

Aside from brain fog, he experienced chest and abdominal pain, skin discoloration, and chronic fatigue.

Some recovered patients’ aftereffects are not physical but mental.

A 40-something man discharged from the hospital after receiving Covid-19 treatment for four weeks said he was suffering from a mental problem that provoked anxiety when facing other people.

“As far as I know, there are more cured patients suffering from mental aftereffects,” he said wanting to remain anonymous for personal reasons.


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