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Canon’s CT analysis software wins recognition as new medical technology
  • By Park Gi-taek
  • Published 2019.05.14 15:28
  • Updated 2019.05.14 15:28
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Canon Medical Systems Korea said its software “4D Orthopedic Analysis” of the upper body on computed tomography (CT) systems has obtained the government’s recognition as a safe and effective new medical technology.

Canon Medical Systems Korea’s CT system with 4D Orthopedic Analysis software

Canon Medical’s high-end CT system Aquilion ONE Genesis operates the 4D Orthopedic Analysis, which visualize the location and movement of a joint over time by shooting it multiple times and producing a 4-D moving picture.

The Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service (HIRA) said the latest technology posed no harm on patients, compared to conventional imaging tests, and that it could effectively measure ligament damage or instability of joints.

With the recognition, the 4D Orthopedic Analysis will be reimbursable as new medical technology.

Canon Medical said it aimed to have the latest technology obtain approval as equally be able to analyze the lower body within the year.


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