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Vuno offers free AI solution for reading COVID-19 lung images
  • By Shim Hyun-tai
  • Published 2020.04.03 17:50
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As the new coronavirus spreads globally, Vuno said Thursday that it would join the global coalition by sharing its artificial intelligence-based solution for reading chest computed tomography (CT) image worldwide.

The website image of the two VUNO Med solutions

Vuno's two solutions, VUNO Med-LungQuant and VUNO Med-Chest X-ray for COVID-19, released as cloud-based web services, can be accessed through its official website (https://covid19.vunomed.com/), the company said in a news release.

The solution to read lung CT images and chest X-ray images provided by the website automatically detects lesions associated with COVID-19 and quantifies the degree of abnormality. Thus, the solution can be used at all stages, including screening suspected patients, observing the progress of confirmed patients, and retrospective studies.

The two models are likely to be used for research purposes as they lack the government’s approval. The company expects medical professionals will find effective diagnosis methods and treatment for COVID-19 in its solution.

"VUNO Med-LungQuant and VUNO Med-Chest X-ray for COVID-19 are redesigned with Vuno's AI technologies to assist diagnosis. We have conducted optimization and performance verification based on the data of COVID-19 patients," Vuno's Chief Technology Officer Jung Kyu-hwan said.

Both solutions are expected to lessen the burden on medical workers around the world and help research epidemic lung disease by assisting diagnosis and checking progress COVID-19, he added.

VUNO Med-LungQuant reading image of lung

VUNO Med-LungQuant reads lung CT images in a minute and delivers the distribution and volume data of COVID-19 to medical staff. Also, a user interface is implemented to provide visualized lesion data and standardized reports to medical staff to determine the patient's condition and progress at a glance.

VUNO Med-LungQuant is a chest CT quantification solution developed for quantitative analysis of lung diseases. It has proven its performance in quantifying lung diseases by publishing research results in the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and international journals related to medical imaging.

Notably, the solution can detect and quantify Ground Glass Opacity, GGO, Reticular Opacity, and Consolidation, which are the main findings in the CT of Corona 19 pneumonia patients. Medical professionals can diagnose suspected patients and observe changes in the affective state of confirmed patients through the distribution and scope of each finding.

VUNO Med-Chest X-ray reading image of a lung on the official website

VUNO Med-Chest X-ray for COVID-19 analyzes chest X-ray images in seconds and provides suspicious lesions and abnormalities to help diagnose pneumonia caused by COVID-19. The model, in particular, is optimized in detecting interstitial opacity, effusion, and nodule based on data of confirmed patients. Those are the four key symptoms find in COVID-19 pneumonia.

Vuno presented a study at RSNA in 2019 about detecting major chest diseases, such as pneumonia and tuberculosis, with high accuracy based on a combination of chest abnormalities learned by VUNO Med-Chest X-ray in 2019.

The company has prepared the solutions as they are expected to show effectiveness in diagnosing COVID-19 patients.

VUNO Med-Chest X-ray has been used for COVID-19 screening. Public health centers in Gangwon Province used it to check pneumonia with medical imaging of the COVID-19 patient's lung. Daegu Fatima Hospital has also implemented the solution and been actively using it.


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