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T&R Biofab’s 3D printing system wins patent
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.06.19 17:29
  • Updated 2019.06.19 17:29
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T&R Biofab said Wednesday that it has registered a patent for a multiple nozzle 3D printing system and a three-dimensional bio-printing method using the former.

The patented technology uses multiple nozzles simultaneously to speed up 3D printing, while the nozzles themselves have a wide range of movements that enable them to make more accurate three-dimensional printing.

Conventional 3D bio-printers have low productivity as it operates nozzles individually. Such limitation blocks the devices from printing a large-sized structure.

T&R Biofab's multi-nozzle 3D printing technology is a new bio-printing technique that innovates significant functions such as production speed and diversity by simultaneously arranging multiple numbers of nozzles. The method has the advantage of enhancing the viability of the fabricated cells and helps to form the complex structure of a cell in a short time.

"By utilizing this patented technology, we will continue to research, develop and commercialize organoid, organ on a chip, and artificial tissue and organ," the company said. "We expect that the new patented technology will contribute to the advance of medical technology."


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  • JonGrimes1 2019-06-22 05:54:23

    This is super interesting, but have you heard of a guy named Bill Masters? I recently read an article on OZY about how Masters developed the first 3D printing patent – then lost it. Anyone know anything about this? Here it is for reference: http://www.ozy.com/flashback/and-he-could-have-been-the-fat   삭제

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