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Huons wins patent for dry eye treatment in US
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2018.06.25 15:15
  • Updated 2018.06.25 15:15
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Huons said Monday that it has acquired a patent regarding the composition and manufacturing method of its dry eye treatment in the U.S. The company has registered patents in 15 countries, including Korea.

Most of the conventional treatments for dry eye syndrome now include single cyclosporine agent for anti-inflammatory action and hyaluronic acid single agent for eye protection function. However, Huons’ nanocomposite eye drop is an ophthalmic eye drop that has increased therapeutic effect and convenience of medication as it provides both protection and anti-inflammatory effect, the company said.

Huons released phase 2 clinical trial results, led by Professor Joo Chun-gi of the department of ophthalmology at St. Mary's Hospital, at the International ophthalmology symposium in March. Professor Joo presented the safety and efficacy of the nanocomposite eye drops in protecting tear films as well as anti-inflammatory effects.

“Nanocomposite eye drops, one of the next generation growth engines that will lead the future business, have proved significant results in phase 2 clinical trials,” Huons CEO Um Key-an said. The treatment has already attracted a great deal of attention from the domestic and overseas ophthalmology and pharmaceutical industries.”

The company plans to create a new combination therapy in the market for dry eye syndrome by early completion of Phase 3 clinical trials in Korea, Um added.

Huons is conducting its phase 3 clinical trials at seven clinical hospitals in Korea and expects to complete the tests and seek drug approval and domestic launch by the first half of next year.


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