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Pfizer, Chong Kun Dang to jointly promote pneumonia vaccine
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2018.05.21 14:32
  • Updated 2018.05.23 15:12
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Head of Pfizer Korea’s vaccines BU division Cho Yun-ju (left) and Chong Kun Dang CEO Kim Young-joo shake hands after signing the co-promotion agreement at the Westin Chosun Hotel in downtown Seoul, last Friday.

Pfizer Korea said Monday that it has signed an agreement with Chong Kun Dang to co-promote Prevnar 13, a 13-valent vaccine to prevent pneumonia.

The contract is an extension of the previous agreement between the two companies in December of last year, under which the two companies agreed that Chong Kun Dang would be in charge of domestic distribution of the drug. Under the newly updated contract, Chong Kun Dang will now take up additional responsibilities in marketing and sales.

“We are pleased to strengthen our partnership with Chong Kun Dang for Prevnar 13 for adults,” said Cho Yun-ju, head of Pfizer Korea’s vaccines BU division. “With this contract, Pfizer will continue to make efforts to reduce the burden of pneumococcal disease by strengthening the reputation of our Prevnar brand.”

Chong Kun Dang also showed enthusiasm about the newly signed agreement.

“The distribution partnership over the past five months has identified the strengths of the two companies,” Chong Kun Dang CEO Kim Young-joo said. “The company expects to continue the strong synergy between the two companies in promotion and sales.”


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