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'But what of minorities?'
“About 200,000 foreigners are living in Korea who do not speak fluent Korea...
by Marian Chu  |  2017-06-16 08:00
[Column] A medical student with severed links to society
In one of my classes upon entering the medical college, a professor said in...
by Korea Medical Student Association  |  2017-06-12 12:32
[Column] Suspending licenses for failing to report child abuse
Since beginning its four-year term last year, the 20th National Assembly ha...
by Cho Woo-sun  |  2017-06-09 12:15
[Column] Stop stomach cancer checkups aboard ambulances – right now
A certain Mr. Kim living in rural areas received a stomach cancer checkup f...
by Kim Chul-joong Columnist  |  2017-06-05 13:09
[Column] How medical and legal professionals think
During my lectures, students sometimes ask, “Which is better -- a doctor or...
by Park Hyung-wook  |  2017-06-02 20:32
[Column] Cyber security in hospitals – finally it is getting serious
As the latest incidents in the clinic, Neuss in Germany show cyber dangers ...
by Korea Biomedical Review  |  2017-05-26 15:02
Prohibition from solicitation of patients for profit making purpose
In Korea, most medical services are covered by the National Health Insuranc...
by Kim Sun-Wook and Kim Young-jun  |  2017-04-25 10:25
[Column] Some thoughts on good manufacturing practice
In late February, I visited Ravensburg, Germany, to discuss the consignment...
by Song Hyoung-gon  |  2017-04-20 10:49
Regulation on medical service in Korea
a. Regulation by the Korean GovernmentProfit-making activities by means of ...
by Kim Sun-Wook and Kim Young-jun  |  2017-04-04 11:45
I asked a foreign doctor about Remsima and…
Is Celltrion’s biosimilar Remsima safe and effective?It may be a stupid que...
by Park Gi-taek  |  2017-03-30 14:55
[Column] Senior citizens bear the brunt of poor healthcare system
Whenever I visit a university hospital outpatient clinic, a question strike...
by Kim Chul-joong Columnist  |  2017-03-24 16:37
Regulation against medical service in Korea Part 2
Medical technology, including diagnostic technology, has been developed in ...
by Kim Sun-Wook and Kim Young-jun  |  2017-03-22 12:00
[Column] Aged Koreans should escape from life buried in medicine
Ms. Lee was 85 years old and had been pretty healthy. She never had surgery...
by Kim Chul-joong Columnist  |  2017-03-16 10:45
A reporter's comparison of hospital services
Korea’s four largest hospitals boast of their international service centers...
by Constance Williams  |  2017-03-15 14:06
Regulation against medical service in Korea Part 1
Regulation by the Korean governmentProfit-making activities using medical p...
by Kim Sun-Wook and Kim Young-jun  |  2017-03-07 09:13
[Column] Preparing for old age
Taiwan has recently enacted a law prohibiting inheritance to children who n...
by Park Jae-young Executive editor  |  2017-02-23 12:00
Guide to System related to Health and Medical Service in Korea
1. Introduction Although the respective systems related to h...
by Kim Sun-Wook and Kim Young-jun  |  2017-02-22 07:04
Why Does BMS Compare Opdivo with Placebo?
People pay much attention to and have interests in immunotherapy for cancer...
by Park Gi-taek  |  2017-02-08 14:33
[Column] The Reason for the Sharp Decrease in Colorectal Cancer and Similar Level in Stomach Cancer
The Korean cancer patterns are frequently changed, which reflects dynamic c...
by Kim Chul-joong Columnist  |  2017-01-26 10:35
[Column] To Become a Leader in Clinical Trials
In early April, our hospital held an international symposium to celebrate t...
by Howard Lee Columnist  |  2016-12-31 09:51
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