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[Special] Patients issued 'ultimatum' to Gore. Why?
The artificial vessel supply stoppage crisis seemed almost over with the so...
by Kwak Sung-sun  |  2019-05-10 13:53
[Special]‘K-Medi’s overseas advance will contribute to health of global citizens’
The Division of Global Health Care Affairs at the Ministry of Health and We...
by Kwak Sung-sun  |  2019-04-19 14:22
[Special]‘We hope entire world will experience K-Care’
The Division of Global Health Care at the Ministry of Health and Welfare wa...
by Kwak Sung-sun  |  2019-04-09 11:32
[Special] Interleukin inhibitors Cosentyx, Taltz target psoriasis market
Interleukin inhibitors are rising as the newest psoriasis treatment.Tumor n...
by Kim Yun-mi  |  2019-03-26 14:56
[Interview with global pharmas] ‘GSK Korea goes all out to help Korean patients, host nation's healthcare system’
A year has passed since Julien Samson took office as the head of GSK Korea ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-03-25 15:15
[Special]Environment against childbirth, rearing causes sexual discrimination
Doctors cited two reasons sexual discrimination do not disappear – ch...
by Song Soo-youn  |  2019-03-20 09:43
[Special]Female doctors suffer from discrimination at hospitals just because they are 'women'
Female doctors are experiencing discriminations throughout the medical comm...
by Song Soo-youn  |  2019-03-19 11:14
[Special] PCSK9 inhibitors aim to replace statin in cholesterol reduction
Amgen's dyslipidemia treatment Repatha (right) and Sanofi's Praluen...
by Kim Yun-mi  |  2019-03-18 15:49
[Special] Female doctors suffer discrimination from moment of selecting medical residents
The medical community was not an exception to sexual discrimination. Four o...
by Song Soo-youn  |  2019-03-15 10:24
Doctors, medical students struggled for Korea’s independence from Japanese colonialists
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the March 1 Independence Movement,...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2019-03-01 07:36
[Special] Why did these med students become YouTubers?
People today are living in an era of YouTube. It exerts enormous influence ...
by Cho In-sung  |  2019-02-05 07:27
[Special] Nearly one-third of children under 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition
It is lunchtime and children rushed seemingly from nowhere. The cafeteria t...
by Yoon Won-sub  |  2019-02-04 06:00
[Special] Siem Reap Provincial Hospital struggles with poor facilities
Tuk Tuk, a three-wheeled taxi, stands in front of the emergency room at Sie...
by Yoon Won-sub  |  2019-01-31 15:32
[Special] ‘I went to US to become a study doctor’
He wanted to be a study physician, but the Korean environment was not so fa...
by Song Soo-youn  |  2019-01-11 17:01
Korea lacks initiatives in preventing ‘AMR chaos’
Korea had long been notorious for the abuse of antibiotics with the phrase ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-12-31 08:08
Top 10 pharmaceutical news in 2018
Accounting fraud controversy continues at Samsung BioLogicsThe Financial Se...
by Korea Biomedical Review  |  2018-12-31 07:54
Korean doctors suffered from violence, public backlash of misdiagnosis
Choi’s election as KMA head put relationship with government into turbulenc...
by Korea Biomedical Review  |  2018-12-31 07:52
Change in animal test heightens possibilities of developing dementia drugs
Startups can succeed in researching and developing new products but often e...
by Song Soo-youn  |  2018-12-13 15:28
Does Korean traditional cold remedy work?
With the temperature dropping down, the number of Koreans coming down with ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-11-05 15:25
[Special]‘Never thought digestives would be so expensive’
Kim Cheol-su (alias), 73, found he got pancreatic cancer, back in 2007. Hea...
by Song Soo-youn  |  2018-10-12 15:32
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