UPDATE : Monday, September 7, 2020
Drugmakers boost production capacity amid Covid-19
Local pharmaceutical companies are expanding their manufacturing facilities...
by Kim Chan-hyuk  |  2020-08-28 14:57
Genexine's cytokine drug effective on severe Covid-19 patients
Genexine said Thursday that it has confirmed the safety and efficacy of lon...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-08-27 18:05
Drugmakers to sue government for limiting choline alfoscerate benefit
Manufacturers of choline alfoscerate, a dementia drug, are reportedly prepa...
by Kim Yun-mi  |  2020-08-27 14:26
Stocks of 3 Covid-19 vaccine developers spike
Three Korean drugmakers working on a Covid-19 vaccine have garnered robust ...
by Kim Chan-hyuk  |  2020-08-27 14:07
Helixmith’s antibody therapy shows efficacy in immunoglobulin kidney disease
A joint research team of Helixmith and Seoul National University College of...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-08-26 17:47
HK inno.N, T&R Biofab to develop skin therapy using 3D tech
HK inno.N has teamed up with T&R Biofab to test the efficacy of its skin di...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-08-26 16:19
Novartis fails trial on skin cancer drug candidate spartalizumab
Novartis said it its phase-3 trial on immunotherapy spartalizumab, a progra...
by Kim Yun-mi  |  2020-08-26 11:11
CrystalGenomics’ anticancer candidate has FDA’s orphan drug status
CrystalGenomics said Monday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has ...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-08-25 17:07
PharmAbcine, Samsung Biologics sign CDMO deal for antibody candidate
PharmAbcine, a bio company specializing in antibody therapies, said Tuesday...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-08-25 16:57
Huons' eye drop wins Saudi’s regulatory nod
Huons' flagship eye drop product entered the Saudi Arabia market, signa...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-08-25 14:50
HK inno.N publishes P3 trial results of drug on gastric ulcers
HK inno.N has published the results of phase 3 clinical trial of gastroesop...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-08-24 18:02
Intron Bio secures new drug substance for bacterial pneumonia
Intron Biotechnology said Monday that it has secured a new drug substance, ...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-08-24 18:01
GC Pharma collects more plasma to speed up work on Covid-19 treatment
GC Pharma said it would collect more plasma from recovered Covid-19 patient...
by Kim Chan-hyuk  |  2020-08-24 17:15
Regulator OKs Pfizer’s cardiomyopathy drug Vyndamax
The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has approved Pfizer's Vyndamax (in...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-08-24 16:12
Genexine begins global P3 trial of anemia drug
Genexine said Monday that the company has begun administering its long-acti...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-08-24 16:12
Drug sales reps refrain from visiting doctors amid Covid-19 resurge
An increasing number of pharmaceutical companies are holding the activities...
by Kim Yun-mi  |  2020-08-21 16:00
Hanmi terminates global P2 trial for poziotinib
Hanmi Pharmaceutical has terminated its global phase 2 clinical trial for p...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-08-21 15:56
Daewoong to co-develop esophagitis drug for treating Covid-19
Daewoong Pharmaceutical signed an agreement with Institut Pasteur Korea (IP...
by Shim Hyun-tai  |  2020-08-20 18:41
Yuhan licenses out gastrointestinal treatment to US partner
Yuhan Corp. said that it has licensed out YH12852, a gastrointestinal motil...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-08-20 16:58
Regulator OKs P2 trial of Covid-19 plasma therapy
GC said that the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has approved the phase 2 ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-08-20 14:55
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