UPDATE : Monday, September 7, 2020
Korea’s healthcare exports surge in H1 on Covid-19 
Korea’s healthcare exports grew more rapidly than those of other industries...
by Kwak Sung-sun  |  2020-07-30 15:13
New virus cases drop below 20 on slowing imported infections
Korea’s new Covid-19 cases fell below 20 for the first time in 38 days as b...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-07-30 15:12
Hugel to export HA filler to Indonesia
Hugel said that it has received sales approval for Chaeum Style, a hyaluron...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-07-29 17:23
Trainee physicians begin talks with hospitals to stop increasing doctors
The Korean Intern Resident Association (KIRA) has come to the negotiation t...
by Song Soo-youn  |  2020-07-29 16:08
‘Direct giving of inhibitory antioxidant maximizes efficacy on Parkinson's disease’
A research team at Seoul National University Hospital has found that direct...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-07-29 16:05
‘HLA-haploidentical matched donor can help treat severe aplastic anemia’
Local researchers said patients with severe aplastic anemia (SAA) could ben...
by Kim Chan-hyuk  |  2020-07-29 15:28
GC applies for P2 trials of plasma therapy for Covid-19
GC said that it has applied for an investigational new drug (IND) applicati...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-07-29 14:45
New virus cases climb back riding on relentless imported infections
Korea reported new Covid-19 cases nearing 50 on Wednesday, as both local an...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-07-29 14:45
Experts reach social consensus on cannabis-based medicines: NECA
The National Evidence-based Healthcare Collaborating Agency (NECA) said med...
by Kwak Sung-sun  |  2020-07-29 11:46
Philosys claims 100-percent accuracy of its Covid-19 diagnostic kit
Philosys Healthcare said that its Gmate COVID-19, a diagnostic kit for the ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-07-28 17:47
‘NSAIDs after myocardial infarction raise bleeding risk’
Using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) with antiplatelet agent...
by Kim Yun-mi  |  2020-07-28 16:17
Amyloid-beta blood test could detect Alzheimer’s early
Simply adding a blood test to a regular health screening could detect Alzhe...
by Choi Gwang-seok  |  2020-07-28 14:42
Natural substance in pomegranate effective against lupus nephritis
Researchers at Yonsei University College of Medicine and Pharmacy have foun...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-07-28 14:17
AI-based drug-developing support center in dormant state
In March last year, the government aggressively promoted the opening of a n...
by Kim Chan-hyuk  |  2020-07-28 14:16
GC Labcell turns profitable in Q2
GC Labcell said that it recorded sales of 20 billion won ($16.7 million) in...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-07-28 14:11
New virus cases remain below 30
Korea reported new Covid-19 cases of below 30 for two consecutive days on T...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-07-28 11:15
Gene related to developmental, intellectual disabilities found
Researchers at Chungnam National University has found a new gene that cause...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-07-27 17:13
Pilot run of herbal medicine reimbursement starts in October
The government said it would run a pilot program to allow herbal medicines ...
by Kwak Sung-sun  |  2020-07-27 16:21
Daewoong to export Genomictree's Covid-19 diagnostic kit
Daewoong Pharmaceutical and Genomictree said the two companies would cooper...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2020-07-27 15:17
Koreans willing to pay ‘right amount of health insurance premiums’
Nine out of 10 Koreans said it was worth paying the optimal amount of natio...
by Kim Eun-young  |  2020-07-27 15:16
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